A Field of Monsters is a Community Art Project running Sept 4, through Oct 31, 2021, Primarily in Downtown Mansfield, specifically the Carrousel District, Central Park and the New Imagination District. 

The Field of Monster project main purpose is the creation of art derived from the monsters; those living in Richland County have experienced (be it psychologically or sociologically) and create conversations within the community. This is a project of the Richland County Development Group Art Sector with many active community partners. This is a multifaceted project and opened to all ages. 

First, everyone has monsters, but how we deal with them is what matters. In the pantings that are a part of the landscape but there is so much more that can be drawn from from our monsters.

This year Phoenix Brewery is acting as the open gallery, while Two Cousins and The Richland County Carrousel Park will be our High School, grade school and Jr High gallery. We also will utilized storefronts to display additional pieces of art and also create a walking tour.

A Community symposium, the monster- the myth, social aspects, within, the perceived, and in media ( comics, film, literature..) in collaboration with The Ohio State University, and the community (Necic, Richland county health department, and Richland county Pubic library) and hosted at The Mansfield Playhouse. The date is forthcoming.

The Richland County Public Library is working on a monster theme film series, and we will have more details posted shortly.

Additional pieces are being planned and will be announced as soon as we are able.